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The Subsurface Utility Engineering Business Group of Urban X is focused on providing customers with accurate and reliable underground utility information. These data are secured through documented processes to ensure a comprehensive understanding of underground structures and facilities. Field verification is completed with the latest available technologies. All information is captured and rendered using the industry best practice guidelines of ASCE 38-02 and CSA S250-11.

A comprehensive and detailed map of the existing underground utility network is beneficial for any design/construction project. You can save time and money by empowering Urban X to reveal the local underground utility network and other concealed features that could impact your design.


Services Offered

Our urban exploration specialists bring extensive working experience related to securing utility infrastructure intelligence and are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Subsurface Utility Engineering and Reporting
  • Utility Locating for Engineering Design
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other Geophysical Investigations
  • Utility Relocation Coordination
  • Confined Space Entry and Condition Assessments
  • Vacuum Excavation and Video Inspection

The Subsurface Utility Engineering Process 

Subsurface Utility Engineering is an engineering process following the ASCE 38-02 guideline to ascribe attributes to underground utility information via four Quality Levels (QL):

  • QL-D – utility record research: systematically contacting facility owners to obtain their information and rendering these data on a digital base plan.
  • QL-C – appurtenance survey: a digital field survey of all visible utility appurtenances.
  • QL-B – geophysical survey: a digitally captured field survey to verify the utility record information and designate the actual position of known and unknown underground utilities within the work area.
  • QL-A – physical exposure of target utilities: typically completed by vacuum excavation where precise horizontal and vertical measurements (location, elevation, extent, width, depth, thickness, composition, etc.) are mission critical to your design considerations.

This process provides design teams with professionally stamped subsurface utility drawings. Better information means better design which leads to more effective, productive and safer construction.